ISBOP 2015: A Milestone for Immense Business Opportunities In Punjab

The Government of the Punjab, Pakistan wishes to convey its deep gratitude to the ditinguished participants of International Seminar on Business Opportunities in Punjab held in Lahore from November 6-7, 2015. The most valuable and result oriented contributions and mutual interaction of eminent entreprenuers, both foreign and local greatly contributed to the huge success of the event.

In order to speedily materialize numerous understandings reached, we wish to assist you on "Next Steps" by disseminating updated information. Punjab Board of Investment and Trade will continue to serve as your focal point for all assistance.

About Punjab Pakistan

Punjab having 100 million population is the most populous province of Pakistan. It has an area of 205,345 square km. The province of Punjab administratively consists of 9 divisions and 36 districts. Its capital Lahore is a major cultural, historical, and economic center. Punjab is known as land of five rivers. Agriculture is the main source of income and employment in Punjab. It remains the most industrialized province of Pakistan. It counts for 39.2% of large scale manufacturing and 70% of small scale manufacturing in the country. The Government of Punjab under the leadership of Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has been taking various initiatives in multiple sectors to put the socio economic growth of Punjab on a fast pace.

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